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Alloquor Consulting personnel have helped companies large and small to
reduce logistics costs and improve supply chain processes and systems. 
Our clients range in size from $10M with a handful of employees to $1B+ with thousands of employees.


Hewlett-Packard Company

Transportation Management System Selection

Conducted a formal TMS software package selection, guiding HP to select the best TMS for their business needs.  Constructed future state design with estimated savings of $24M per year.  Thomas Phelps was selected to be Project Manager for "the most complex i2 TMS implementation ever attempted."


Warner/Elektra/Atlantic (an AOL Time Warner company)

Logistics Cost and Service Optimization

Conducted a logistics evaluation process for the largest record company in the U.S.  The project simplified the carrier structure for all WEA distribution centers and produced a 15% reduction in annual logistics costs.


Seagate Technology

Reverse Logistics Process Assessment

Analyzed the international reverse logistics operation of the world's largest manufacturer of computer hard drives.  Pinpointed problem areas related to returns and refurbishment (which Seagate management had attempted to do, but could not), and developed recommendations for reducing cycle time by more than 50%.


Nissan North America

Process Improvement

Led large group of Nissan personnel through process improvement. Conducted facilitated sessions and documented current state processes and problems, conducted visioning sessions and guided future state design, developed root cause analyses and solution recommendations, and established key performance metrics.


Zodiac Aerospace

Improving Inventory Management

Improved inventory management for this global aerospace company. Reduced direct and indirect materials costs. Reduced direct bill-of-materials costs. Developed and implemented use of barcoding for improved inventory control. Reduced excess and obsolete inventories. 


Line 6

Supply Chain Strategy

Conducted an assessment of the international supply chain of this electric guitar and amplifier company, including manufacturing in China and Japan.  Developed recommendations to reduce manufacturing lead time by 50%. 



Inventory Management Improvements

Managed the inventory consolidation of two facilities into one. Improved inventory management and control. Significantly improved inventory accuracy. Redesigned stock room layout and processes for greater efficiency. Reduced inventory levels and costs while increasing fill rates to the manufacturing floor. 


Custom Building Products

Transportation Cost Reduction

Reduced the number of carriers by 75% for this major supplier to Home Depot, and produced a 12% reduction in annual transportation costs.



Cost Reduction

Determined and implemented several cost reduction initiatives in a turnaround situation.  This was a shared savings (a.k.a. contingency) project where Alloquor was paid a percentage of the proven savings.


Compaq Computer Corporation

Transportation Management System Implementation

Led a large project team through conceptual design and pilot configuration in the implementation of i2 Technologies Transportation Manager and Optimizer.  Design included integration to SAP and a WMS (Warehouse Management System), as well as process and organizational change requirements.


EZ Shipper Racks

Reverse Logistics Process and Systems Improvement

The failures of a major third-party logistics company had virtually shut down EZ Rack's operations, which provide green reverse logistics services at 3000 Lowe's and Home Depot stores nationwide.  Alloquor quickly helped "stop the bleeding", replaced the faulty 3PL with good companies, and implemented major process improvements to the operations.  Alloquor also designed, developed and implemented a custom reverse logistics computer system that facilitated proper reverse logistics processes for 55 transportation and warehousing locations across the US.


Mazda Motor of America

Vehicle Logistics Cost Reduction

Helped resolve problems that encompassed the entire U.S. vehicle logistics operation. Conducted methods improvement analysis that saved Mazda $1.3 million in annual transportation costs by determining the most cost effective methods of shipping all Mazda automobiles to its US dealers.


ATEN International

Supply Chain Strategy

This computer electronics company was being challenged by fast growth.  Alloquor assessed the current supply chain problems, developed recommendations for long-term supply chain strategy, and implemented near-term tactical improvements.


La Curacao

Inventory Management Assessment

La Curacao ranks among the top 100 electronics and appliance retailers in the U.S.  Alloquor analyzed current inventory management practices and provided numerous recommendations for controlling and reducing inventory.


ASTM International

Increase Supply Chain Performance

Helped this international standards organization to solve problems with international shipments that were suffering delays because of customs issues.


Keyes Fibre

Logistics Cost Reduction and Methods Improvement

Identified areas of process improvement and cost reduction. One of Alloquor's suggestions was implemented before the final report was even presented,
and that one savings measure alone more than covered Alloquor's fees.


US West Telecommunications (now Qwest)

Transportation Management System Selection

Evaluated US West's shipping requirements to determine if there was a business case to justify purchasing a tier-one Transportation Management System to optimize its shipment activities.


Wallace Computer Services (now RR Donnelley)

Transportation Management Systems Assessment

Developed a business case for utilizing a TMS, including how to make transportation a profit center rather than a cost center, for this fifth largest printer in North America.


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